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Bridging the Gap: Building Teachers’ Capacity for Developing Language, Literacy, and Content

Updated: 20 Dis 2022

Kathleen Ann Ramos and April A. Mattix Foster


In today’s increasingly diverse classrooms around the globe, all teachers can provide enriching learning environments for English learners (ELs) by designing instruction that simultaneously balances language, literacy, and content learning (de Oliveira, 2016). In this manuscript, we share a rich description of instructional practices that teachers can enact to integrate academic literacy development and content learning for ELs in multicultural and multilingual classrooms. In such instruction, teachers can strive to engage ELs and other learners in meaning-focused tasks that recognize language as the key that unlocks content understandings. Instruction centered on both academic language and content learning goals can apprentice ELs to the academic language and literacy practices needed for academic success (Gibbons, 2014).

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2017 Bridging the Gap- Building teacher
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