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Murid Tanpa Sempadan

Dikongsikan video tentang naratif baharu pembelajaran melibatkan lima (5) murid negara Nepal bersama dua orang guru mereka, Mr. Baman Kumar Ghimire dan Mr. Bishwa Raj Gautam. Murid-murid tersebut telah mengikuti 40 - 70 kursus melalui MOOC (massive open online courses) yang mempamerkan disposisi pembelajaran terarah kendiri (self-directed).

Saya kongsikan petikan Bab 7 (Self-Directed Learners) dalam buku terkini Prof. Yong Zhoa (2021) bertajuk "Learners Without Borders - New Learning Pathways for All Students" (Hal. 86).

Owning one’s own learning sounds like a paradox. Students are the learners, and they should be the owners of their own learning. But in too many schools, that is not the case. Students have been typically going to school to receive an education designed by and for someone else. Rarely have students been involved in designing and deploying the learning experiences they have in school.

They need advocacy to fight for ownership of their learning. They must be determined to navigate through what their school offers and find what they need for their own learning. They have to negotiate with school leaders and teachers to create a set of courses for themselves. Students can do this when they have developed the mindset that they do not work for school; school works for them. This is when they have become aware of their own right to learning.

But schools do not always respond to students’ advocacy. Too many schools are proud to offer students a very strict plan of learning, with very well designed courses, clearly defined outcomes, and a tightly controlled pathway of progress for all students. Students in these schools are asked to follow the curriculum, pass the exams, and complete their tasks. Hardly anything can be altered. Students rarely have any voice or choice over the core curriculum the school offers, let alone own their own learning.

Selamat menonton, jika berkesempatan, titipkan sedikit komen / maklum balas anda.


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