Kajian: 6C Levels among Trainee Teachers upon the Implementation of NPDL

This study aims to measure the six global competencies (6Cs) among trainee teachers. It follows the implementation of the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL), in a Malaysian Teacher Training Institute. NPDL is a commitment to building a learning relationship between and among students, lecturers and the community, based on current learning development. Learning partnership is emphasised throughout the implementation. NPDL consists of three main areas, namely competency, learning design and learning environment. It focuses on designing and developing the pedagogical capacity that encourages students to develop deep learning competencies: citizenship, character, communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. The standard 6Cs setting is to bridge the gap of current learning development. Teacher-centred approaches are widely practised, with one-way communication and students as mere listeners; hence students become passive. Traditional pedagogical and teacher teaching styles affect students’ interest in teaching and learning. Thus, NPDL was introduced as one of the latest pedagogical-centred capacities, which enhances student-centred learning as well as pedagogical aspects both across the curriculum and between disciplines.


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8) 2020 6C NPDL
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