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Updated: 20 Dis 2022

Zalina Mohd Tahir (PhD)

Department of Education, Federal Territory, Kuala Lumpur

Ministry of Education, Malaysia


Educational transformation is a major agenda in efforts to improve the education level in Malaysia. The 21st century education era requires leaders to play a meaningful role in leading, guiding and encouraging schoolchildren under their leadership. In managing schools, it is evident that the Principals and Headmasters (PGB) are faced with various issues and challenges which sometimes are burdensome to other school community and stakeholders. Despite the great deal of responsibility, the level of job satisfaction and good relationship amongst staff would help solve the problems of the administrators. Thus, this study aims to identify the extent of PGBs’ confidence to transform education by looking at responsibilities, job satisfaction and relationship with colleagues. A total of 212 PGB had been selected as respondents and data analyzed using SPSS version 23 for descriptive analysis, while AMOS 22 is used for advanced statistical Structural Equation Modeling. The finding shows that the value of goodness of fit model of PGB educational transformation is good with reading chisquare/df =2.277, CFI =.966, p=0.00 and RMSEA = .078. The relations among responsibilities, job satisfaction and relationship with colleagues directly contributed 43% (R2=.43) to PGB's confidence to transform education at school. This means that the transformation is apparent in spite of the various issues and challenges. It is hoped that this PGBs’ confidence level will continue to increase as Malaysia's education system needs to undergo a transformational shift in line with the country’s vision and the advancement of education internationally.

Keywords: Transformation, leadership, governance, quality.

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Full Paper WCEDU 2018 Colombo
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