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“Instagram-Amazon-Netflix” Generation

Updated: 20 Dis 2022

If you want to engage secondary students and prepare them for tomorrow, here are 12 provocations to put you on a Deep Learning path.

  1. Hold high expectations for all students - Not one student can be abandoned.

  2. Student voice matters as much as yours—maybe even more - Stop telling. Start asking. Listen more. It’s that simple.

  3. For students today, choice is an expectation, not a privilege - Our secondary students are exposed to an infinite number of choices every day.

  4. Know them so they can realize themselves - Deeply understand their strengths and needs and design learning for them, not the class you held last period.

  5. The adolescent brain is not like your brain - They are seeking a sense of independence and autonomy, moral reasoning, and strong relationships independent of family.

  6. Treat them like you trust them - COVID has reminded us that our relationships with our students is central to their success. And you can’t have a healthy relationship without trust.

  7. Stop using the textbook as though it’s a sacred text - They do not adequately represent the diversity of perspectives, contested views, discoveries made last week, or perhaps most importantly the interests and backgrounds of the students you serve.

  8. Engagement thrives in the community you co-create - After a year of on-line learning, we now understand that technology can be as deadening as worksheets. With your students clarify the kind of class-community that they want to belong to.

  9. Assessment must belong to them - If students immediately see you as someone who will evaluate and identify their shortcomings, who will determine their success or failure, you have already lost them.

  10. Breathe. Laugh. Move - Stress is here to stay. Addressing well-being means facilitating a healthy classroom environment.

  11. Be flexible. You were never really in control anyway - Shifting the secondary classroom to one where students thrive, make meaning, and own their learning does not happen instantly. Be kind to yourself. Take baby steps. Remember you are learning too.

  12. You are what the world needs now. You are more than enough - The best time to make a lasting difference in the lives of your students was the first day you began teaching. The second-best time is now.

We need to engage our students differently because the future depends on it.

Quoted from:

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning: A Global Partnership - Engage Secondary Students Because the Future Depends on it.



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